Local, LLC is happy to provide you with healthy to-go food options, cold-pressed juice and cleanses. We love to support you and the community to be fully healthy and enjoy offering our knowledge about the foods we provide. There are many things we can help with, and many things we can not help with.  As an example, we don’t know your medial history, if you are on any medications, your family medical history, if you’re pregnant or any other personal issues you may have. By using  Local, LLC services, you acknowledge that you are doing so at your own risk, and have talked with your doctor or other health professional about your diet change and cleansing.
We do not claim that our products or services will cure any health problems, disease or symptom. No product or service Local, LLC offers is meant to treat or heal any medical condition. Please speak to your doctor before embarking on a cleanse or lifestyle change.
We serve fresh organic non-pasturized juice and raw food. This kind of food goes bad.  It’s incredibly important to put our products in the refrigerator as soon as you get them. By purchasing any of our fresh cleanses, you agree to refrigerate all meals in a timely manner until you plan on eating or drinking them. Once the food is handed over to you, it is your responsibility.


Payments are all due at the time of purchase.
Our cleanses and meal plans are scheduled according to availability. We cannot guarantee that a certain date is available to start your cleanse or meal plans as spaces fill up. The cut-off time for the program sign-up is 11:59PM EST two days before you want the program to start (for example: for Monday start, you must order the program no later than 11:59PM EST on preceding Friday).