We at Local LLC are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve you.  You are what keeps our business turning and we are dedicated to serving you with integrity and radical transparency. When you purchase from us, we keep some of your information in our database so that we can serve you in the best manner. We respect you, your time and your inbox. 


We will not sell, rent, share or abuse the information we collect from you unless it is very clearly specified. We respect your autonomy and keep that protected. We do keep some of your information in order to serve you well at Local. When you order from us, you share some information so that we can create a great customer experience and get you the products you are requesting. 


We collect the following information from you: (a) information you explicitly provide to us by completing any registration or account or order form(s) on or through this Site, including your name, email and mail addresses, and credit card information, and (b) information that is automatically collected by us when you visit this Site. We use this information for our own internal purposes, not to share with others. We do not share your information with any other parties, unless it is necessary to do so in order to comply with state and federal laws, or to fulfill our obligations arising from this Site. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the term "other parties" shall not include any affiliate of Local, LLC, including, without limitation, its parent, subsidiaries, predecessors or successors in interest, assigns or any entity merged into or with Local, LLC (if any), and its authorized representatives and consultants who assist in supporting the Site.
If you subscribe to our mailings, email alerts or blogs, we ask for contact information (such as your name, and email address if and when requested). We use this information in the same manner as we use your collected information during the account process and otherwise in this Site. Recipients of our mailings, email alerts and users of our blog can unsubscribe using the instructions indicated on this Site, or as stated in this Privacy Policy or otherwise.


If our information practices change in any way, we will post our policy changes on our website or by connecting with you via email. We will notify you of any such change before we use your information in a manner not previously disclosed in our privacy policy. You will always have the opportunity  to opt out of any new use of your information.