Summer Sanders is a raw food educator, health coach and food enthusiast! Like many woman, as a teenager and into her early twenties Summer struggled with eating disorders and skewed self-image. After getting fed up with yo-yo dieting and unhealthy patterns, Summer turned to plant-based foods and juicing to help her stabilize. By cleansing her body, she cleansed her mind. Summer healed her body, found her heart and cultivated a relationship with her true-self.

She trusts in the power of organic plant-based foods to be powerful medicine for the body and the spirit. Summer believes eating (and drinking) all the colors of the rainbow is one of the single best things you can do for your body and she also thinks that there is no one set of rules that fit everyones unique body and nutritional needs.

She’s are not here to make you go vegan, She is here to help add vibrant nutrients and whole plant-based superfoods into your diet. Summer is a certified raw food chef, a former Matthew Kenney Culinary instructor, certified personal trainer, health coach, plant-based nutritionist, author, blogger, mama and student of life. Her hope and intention with Local is to inspire you to eat well, love all and ultimately, live a glowing life.